Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bio Telekineseis - Demonstrating Relativistic Effects and Space (Time) Modification by Energy/Mass

These videos show the presence of Yogic Prana, Chinese Chi, and Science's mysterious

Dark Energy. It is the Ether which Maxwell and Einstein knew it but was discounted by a MM experiment where the Gross was used to detect the Subtle. How can a fish net be used to catch or detect the thin air?

One can shift this energy to modify the Space-Time curvature around the space in different parts of the body. Some people would have this natural ability and some would develop this over the years by practising Yoga, Tai-Chi, Meditation, etc. Actually they are already tuned to their Energy or would get more tuned to it over the years.

The first part shows visible modifications, but when one takes a measurement scale, and measures the modification, the readings come equal! It is because the Scale itself has got modified in the Space-Time around two regions of hands.

If frame-by-frame shot was done from the prependicular direction, one would have also noticed the growing, which has not come so clear in this angle of shot. When I have done this with legs, it becomes very clear.

The second part paradox can be further explained like this. Take two identical measuring beakers, with measurement markings, fill it with two differnt Refractive Indices Liquids, to the same marked levels. Now take two identical scales, and insert them vertically. The immersed scale portions would visibly not look the same but their readings would read the same!

In this sense, the Space around the two hands have been modifed to have different density of the Ether, the Prana, the Chi or Science's current Dark Energy.

Similarly, mass is nothing but an near-infinite step-up function of density increase in Space vicinity, and it would then modify the Space around it (or the Space-Time curvature or slop in the Phase Plot of 3D Space with 1D TIme).

Einstein came very close to understanding this, and said Mass modifies Space-Time Fabric's Curvature and is the cause of Gravity. It was his mathematical handle to explain the effect of Mass on the surrounding Etheral Space. Using the Ether model, one can still explain all the SR and GR findings.

There is a dichotomy between SR/GR and QM laws and no one has explained why the Atomic Clocks, which obey the QM laws, yield to the laws of GR? The connection is the Etheral Space which is same at Atomic and Universe Levels and same at Microscopic and Macroscopic levels in terms of its "communicative" nature. This can also explain the Quantam Entanglement Experiments.